• Business Inception Identification B.V. is producer of a high quality RFID assortment.
  • We cooperate with distributors, wholesale traders or governments, typical B-to-B.
  • Our goal is to achieve a long term, mutual beneficial, animal RFID business.
  • We organise a link between the primary industry and the local end-user.
  • Because of mass production we offer highly competitive prices.
  • ISO 11784/11785  approved


Top management

  • 30 years of experience in animal health.
  • 20 years experience in animal RFID transponders.
  • 13 years experience in ISO standard commissions.
  • 10years experience in production of RFID transponders in end-user format.
  • Company and management are dedicated exclusively to animal RFID.
  • One of the larger European producers for the worldwide markets.
  • European quality.
  • Mass production oriented/related prices.