Frequently asked questions

No, the microchip is for identification purposes only.
A Veterinary or SPCA in your area who has an ISO compliant scanner. (Most do)
No it shouldn't. The microchip is covered with Paralyne that prevents this from happening.
No, there is no annual membership fee.
Report it to us. We will note it on our database, should anyone go to lost animal it will flicker that animal is lost. - You can then phone your Veterinarians in your area and the SPCA,s
Go to our database on - Click register. - Follow the step by step guide to register. - Or alternatively contact us and we will assist you.
Phone us directly. We will add the animal and send you the certificate via post.
Login with the details you created, instead of going to register microchip. It will ask for your username and password. When logged in, click on register microchip button.