How to register your microchip on the database?

  1. Go to the Five Star ID website @
  2. Click on “Pet Registration & Login”
  3. Click on “Register Microchip”
  4. Fill in the required Fields and click on register. The button “Proceed to register chip” will now flash.
  5. Click on this to proceed to the next page
  6. Fill in all the required fields & click on save. The print option will now become available Click on this to print your copy of the Registration Certificate. (If you have more animals to register from the same litter, you will be presented with this question when you close the current registration page.)
  7. If you are a member from a breeding organization e.g. KUSA – select the organization from the list and click on the “Send Copy” button and an electronic copy of your Registration Certificate will be send to them electronically.
  8. To Add the next puppy, Click on “Add puppy to be Sold” Your information as the breeder will already be filled in; you now only have to add the new owner detail, puppy and chip information.

Remember to inform the new owner that he / she must transfer the puppy to his / her name.

Transfer an existing animal on the database

  1. The new owner: Click on “Pet Registration & Login”
  2. Click on “Transfer puppy”
  3. Select whether you are an existing user or a new user.
  4. Enter the microchip number
  5. All the owner information will appear now as the breeder has already filled this in.
  6. The new owner can update information now and at the end of the page he creates his own username and password.

Note: The animal will now be transferred from the breeders profile to the owners profile.